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It’s Possible for You Too!

After Lois LeBlanc's husband had a stroke and became paralyzed on the left side of his body, she made the decision that if they were going to make it, then she had to become the bread-winner. She was 60 years old and scared to death, but over her next 10 years she...

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You think you have it bad?

You think it’s bad in Calgary? You won’t believe this! Yes, Calgary, Alberta has taken a hit. No pipeline, too many employees laid off, real estate transactions down by about 30% over last year, no Olympic bid. Yes, the city suffers. But while I attended a business...

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In What Order Were You Born??

Business Coaching for Your Birth Order! I have always found birth order, personal tendencies, the four humors (Hippocrates), DISC, etc, very interesting. We are NOT all alike! When I had four children, I had the opportunity to discover all...

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And The Survey Says!

When it comes to getting and keeping your important clients, don’t leave it up to chance! If you want to know what it takes to make it, then listen to what your clients are saying. I surveyed 89 home sellers/buyers over one year, and here are...

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Clients Say…

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“Sue helps Solopreneurs grow their business in a measurable and effective way through administrative processes and marketing techniques that create and exceed desired results!” Trina Dunsmoor

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