“Do you know what the difference is between a spiritual person and a religious person? A religious person will tell you not to go to hell, a spiritual person has been there and back.” I am back. And I’m here to help. I’ve been there. No money, no prospects, no hope, hungry kids. I have been through it. I know there are some agents out there freaking out because it’s not working. Business, life, it’s just not working out. Let me share a little secret I read that turned my luck around. “Things don’t always work out, sometimes you have to make them work out” Dr. Henry Cloud from his book “Integrity” You have to create your own life and business out of your own mind. You have to do it, no one can make it happen for you. When it’s not working you must learn; when it does work, keep up the momentum. Here are three things you can add to your daily schedule if you are struggling and need some business clients!

  1. Dale Carnegie them! Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and put the insights to work by meeting new people everyday and turning them into relationships. Your business is built on how many connections you have, so that is number one. Meet them, add them to your database, stay in touch, pay attention.
  2. Up your BRAND! If you can’t tell me WHY/HOW your service is better than the other five thousand agents out there, then get back to the drawing board. Put some serious effort into creating the reputation you want to be known for. Make it appealing, inclusive and simple. Think of all those cooking shows on TV -the best chefs do the simple dishes with excellence.
  3. Work for free! If you don’t have business in the pipeline then work for free. Offer your value to other sales agents, offer to host their open houses, find places you can share your expertise and offer value to those hearing it. Keep the wheels turning as if you are getting paid for it and eventually you will be.

There is no shortcut to success! If you are determined to make it, then you must put in the time and effort UNTIL it works out.

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