Sell With Sue

Elevate your home selling experience with Sue Styles:
where you not only sell your home but do it with style ~

“The most valuable real estate in the world, is the corner of your potential customers mind.”

– Terry O’Reilly, Canadian Marketing genius, host of CBC’s Under the Influence

Reasons to Sell With Sue

I am dedicated to deeply understanding your needs as a seller, and I respond promptly, professionally, and with unwavering integrity.


Pricing Strategy

I exhaust all stats and facts.  I use a highly effective pricing strategy for all my sellers,
When we discuss possible listing prices I will bring all the past sales and current competition. We will review the absorption rates and determine public value based on a combination of all value assessments including square footage, replacement costs, tax assessments and we will do a thorough Sales Comparison Approach.

Professional Photography

“Selling with Sue” encompasses marketing and showcasing your home in the best possible way using professional photos, professional measurements and exposing its true character to the utmost – I provide full service for the modern client.

As Terry O’Reilly says “The most valuable real estate in the world is the corner of your potential customer’s mind.”

When it comes to needing a stager, painter, or roofer, rest assured that I have a list of trusted and highly-rated service providers who have consistently delighted past clients. (You will receive your own curated resource when we meet!)

Legal Paperwork

Most buyers and sellers need help with the legal documents that are necessary for the sale and purchase of real property.
From ‘Real Property Reports’ to the latest Purchase contracts, to federal ‘Fintrac’ forms, I have everything outlined and in order for a seamless transaction.

Negotiation Skills

You can count on me to be your unwavering advocate through the entire selling process. And where I truly shine, where my dedication to your best interests truly comes to the forefront, is during the critical negotiation stage.
Having studied police negotiation techniques, I’ll work tirelessly to secure the best possible terms, leveraging my expertise and skills to achieve a deal that aligns with your goals and preferences.

Tips for a better sale…

Take a slow walk through each room of your home and note any repairs that will need to be made before your Listing is live and open for showings. Things like painting, stain removal, deep cleaning can all be lurking un-noticed.

While repairs and cleaning are being done the next thing that can be done, even if the house isn’t spotless and totally repaired, are professional photos.

Staging for photos really helps show off your home, so invite over your professional organizer and stager and here is what you can do:
Pack away all your personal items such as:

  • Family photos
  • Awards
  • Trinkets
  • Office/ school supplies
  • Extra Clothes/ Out of season clothes
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Anything that adds to the clutter

Staging might include extras such as art work, plants and greenery, extra pillows, throws, rugs and décor. These will enhance the photos and you may want to keep the staging in your home for the first month for viewings, or even until you have a firm offer.

It’s your move!