I want to talk about Leading Alone.

Leading yourself, leading your family and leading your business.

Maybe like me, you have had a divorce and found yourself on your own, or as a single parent and you have no choice but to lead alone.

Maybe you grew more and more frustrated with your JOB and so you took the leap and launched your own business and it is imperative that you lead your business on your own.

Maybe you enjoy your career and have the opportunity to affect your success by managing your role with some autonomy. You lead yourself in your role.

When did you learn to lead? Where did you get your education?

If you are like most, you didn’t study ‘Leadership” and then go out and prove your theory. You more likely, like me, found yourself in a situation you didn’t like and set out to change it.

We can learn a lot from the school of hard knocks!

Here are three things I have learned and now speak about from hindsight so that I can pass long my insights in the hopes that it helps others deal with their circumstances without making as many mistakes as I did.

  1. The Benefits

The benefits of being on your own might seem very selfish to begin with! When you are the one bossing yourself around you can be a happy camper! Your values are aligned, your process is understood, there is no red tape to cut through!

Need to take a long weekend? No problem!

You would rather do the invoicing in the evening? Okay!

Got an idea? Make it happen!

And there is where the benefits are balanced by the responsibility. Who is going to make that idea happen? YOU. So, you must become an action taker. You must develop a high level of ownership.

As I heard someone say recently, “Everyone is self-made, but only the successful admit it!”

The immediate thrill of full authority is quickly replaced by the acceptance that all the burdens rest on your shoulders. If you are able to continue on this Solo road you will need to change the WHY of what you are doing from just the initial benefits of freedom  (if that was your choice) to a bigger WHY that has some sort of value for a greater good.

When you  match your values to a greater good the benefits are not just for yourself but others. Then you will find the drive to continue working when things aren’t so easy.

Which brings me to number two.

  1. The Challenges

Leading alone means there is no marketing department, human resources, often there is no receptionist or executive assistant to implement all your good ideas. And just how do you know it IS a good idea?

When you are on your own there is no opposition party – only the voices in your own head!

Some of those voices are your intuition but some of the voices are bullies.

I have a few ideas that might help you find wisdom for each and every challenge:

  • Read something about your challenge, do some research.
  • Listen to a Podcast or Video from an expert you admire.
  • Seek out Mentorship continually.
  • Include a budget for professional coaching and events.
  1. Internal Drive

How do you motivate yourself?

I wonder what you think of when I ask how you could motivate yourself?

Is there something you don’t want to do? Or is it finding the time to do what you love to do? When I talk to a client who asks this, I want to get to the bottom of the question first.

Most entrepreneurs require very little ‘motivating’ when it comes to doing what they love. But you might be thinking of the little things that go along with having a successful business that you don’t enjoy.

Little things like fitting in paperwork, follow-up, learning new technology or using better tools.

I remember talking to 8 time World Long-Drive Champion, Lisa Longball, and she had mentioned that she gets up before her son in the morning so she can work out and then when he is up she can be there to take him to school, or hockey practice or whatever is on the schedule for that day.

This means, for her, sometimes getting up at 5:30am.

This amazes me because I am not a natural morning person! So, I asked her, how does she find the internal WILL POWER to do such things?

Very appropriately one of her presentations is called “Drive Determines Distance” and that is exactly what she told me.

“It depends on your goals.” For her, she intends to be a world champion and a good mom. This means her habits include early mornings.

This enables her to reach her goals.

Her goals are what motivates her to do the hard work, take the uncomfortable actions.

So, what are YOUR goals?

Are you reaching for a championship? Do you intend to be the expert in your industry, a leader in your business? If you do, then your habits must reflect that.

As I always say, you can’t grow a million-dollar business using hundred-dollar habits!

Leading yourself may be a choice or a consequence; but whether it is short term or long term, there is opportunity to become the best version of yourself and lead your own inner hero as well as your family and business.


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