How to Get More Leads

I get asked all the time by clients, how they can get more leads. Should they sign up for a lead generating system, should they send out more mailers, should they join a networking group?
There are so many ideas, but which ones yield results?
Let me tell you what I tell them and I hope this helps:

To get more business you need more clients. To get more clients, more people who are in the market to buy or sell need to know who you are. For them to know who you are, you have two choices.

1. In my opinion you should always exhaust ALL efforts around the sphere of your current and past clients. They are the ones who believe in you and would ideally recommend you! My guess for most solopreneurs, is that they are NOT regularly ASKING for business from their own network.
We are so Canadian! We don’t want to bother others, we are uncomfortable at the thought of picking up a phone and actually asking for what we want! The worst assumption though,  is that we think that our past clients will automatically recommend us – they won’t!
They are not thinking about you and your business.
Have you heard the saying ‘ When we are in our twenties we think everyone is talking about us, then we are in our 40’s we don’t care if people are talking about us, but when we reach out 60’s we realize – no one was ever talking about us in the first place, they are too busy thinking about themselves!’
I believe you should do everything you can to stay top of mind with those you know and let them know personally that you would be honored to help their friends build their real estate portfolio.
The more you ask, the more they will believe you.

2. Once you have a clear plan in place for your own network, then turn your attention to potential new clients. Let me ask you this – does your brand draw people towards you? Do you tell a meaningful story around WHY you are so passionate about what you do? Does your online media look professional, attractive, inviting with a call to action that isn’t the same old same old? “Looking to buy or sell, I can help!” So over-used.
By spending focused attention on building an amazing brand, highlighting your own niche and differentiation, you will attract new business from people who are like minded and resonate with you.
So, first, spend 90% of your efforts around the current sphere you already have and then spend some money around an authentic brand that tells people your story online, in facebook ads, in community mail outs and video etc.
Let me know how it goes and if you need my help, I am here!

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