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How to fight Artificial Intelligence with Common Sense!

“The end of real estate as we know it is on the foreseeable horizon! The traditional REALTOR® role will be extinct within 5 years! Zillow Group (created by former Microsoft executives) is coming north to swallow up your leads and take over the industry!”The real...

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What they didn’t tell you!

Oh it's all roses and sunshine when you see the successful Barbara Corcoran on ABC's Shark Tank; or Fredrik Eklund wearing his million dollar suit on his way to his next multi-million dollar listing on T.V..The rewards seem so glamorous, the lifestyle so independent,...

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An Epic Client Event!

If you have ever thought of hosting a client event, take some tips from owner of Belmor Mortgage, Stella Tsang! Last month my husband and I enjoyed an annual event hosted by our mortgage broker and her family. Over the years her reputable...

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It’s Possible for You Too!

After Lois LeBlanc's husband had a stroke and became paralyzed on the left side of his body, she made the decision that if they were going to make it, then she had to become the bread-winner. She was 60 years old and scared to death, but over her next 10 years she...

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“Sue helps Solopreneurs grow their business in a measurable and effective way through administrative processes and marketing techniques that create and exceed desired results!” Trina Dunsmoor

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