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“My wrinkles are all from laughter. Except for those lines between my eyebrows….those are my WTF lines and those things are deep”

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From a bankrupt, single parent of four little ones to Founder and CEO of her own business school, Sue has become the go-to small business expert who challenges the status quo and sets serious business owners up for success!

She has put in the time so that others don’t have to rely on the school of hard knocks to get their education.

She went from teaching at the local library to speaking on conference stages across Canada and the USA. From an administrative assistant to a sought-after business consultant who has worked with real estate board presidents, the #1 RE/MAX office in the world (yes, the WORLD!), and independent business owners just like you, Sue guides entrepreneurs to reach the unwavering results they desire.

Her solid business habits are included in her book “The Little Red Stick- What Gets Measured Gets Done!” and her expertise in business can be found at suestyles.com


I support the Calgary Food Bank and am so grateful they helped me when our family needed it the most!


  • Business Mentor – Futurpreneur Canada
  • Leadership Mentor – Women in Leadership Foundation
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