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Three New Ways to Engage with Past Clients (so you can increase your referrals)

In 2017 the Alberta Government banned many door to door salespeople to protect consumers! Did you think that home-owners wanted you randomly knocking on your door to drum up business? Apparently, your neighbors do not.  People are at the end of their rope with cold calling, cheesy e-headlines and door knocking.

So, what can you do?

It might seem harder than ever to capture new leads, but don’t give up – here are three winning ideas you can try to connect with clients in a new way!

  1. Catch Up with Past clients and Catch any Referrals
  2. Engage Online
  3. Be Seen and Heard Everywhere


I meet so many sales agents who do not make the most out of their opportunities to catch up with past clients and their sphere. Showing up at someone’s door unannounced may not be well-received anymore but there are still lots of ways to connect. Here are just a couple of ideas.

Meet your clients where they’re at! Nearly everyone enjoys stopping mid-day for a specialty coffee – join in on the fun and invite your peeps to join you on a Friday afternoon.

If your past clients are involved in a sport, community group or fundraiser, join in with their interests by showing up and even shelling out. You might get the opportunity to chat at the event, or at the very least, say hi in person and make a date for the next week.

See what your tribe is doing by following their online posts. If anyone is sick, you could send them a get-well basket, if their child is graduating you could offer your congrats, when babies arrive you can send over a myriad of needed and appreciated items.

Take 5 minutes to think about how you could catch up and catch any referrals!


Everyone is online and especially on facebook! Youtube is ranked the #2 most popular platform in Canada, Instagram is gaining huge momentum! If you took just a few minutes, I bet you could come up with a strategy for gaining more connections online.

Post everyday – even multiple times is OK!

Make your posts interesting, relevant, and beautiful looking for your network.

Engage and respond, by commenting and ‘liking’ other posts in your network.


When you show up online, in people’s mail/email and they see your signs all the time, it really helps them to feel that you are the most popular choice when it comes to real estate agents. It can work quickly when you are consistent but you can also lose your business momentum if you stop for too long.

I was consulting with a 50+ yr old REALTOR® and someone had asked him if he was ‘still working the real estate business?’ as they hadn’t noticed him. This person assumed he had retired or was doing something else.

I don’t want you to annoy your sphere, but they need to be aware that you are still out there working at something you love!

Advertising in a community publication can help, sending out quarterly market stats is a great idea, and even if you don’t like sitting Open Houses, having your signs displayed loud and proud over the weekends assures your connections that you are still at it!

I trust that now you have a few ideas you can begin implementing right away.

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