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If you are serious about learning how to run a profitable Solo-preneurial (when the business is YOU) business, then I am the expert who can guide and educate you with detailed, hands-on, how-to. As an experienced business coach, I equip professionals in the real estate industry so that they can reach high levels of success by attracting more quality clients and serving them with excellence!

So what stage in your career are you at?

Coaching packages! Choose which one is right for you! Need help?
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The Process

We analyze together what has and hasn’t been working for you. Through this process we discover how to maximize your time, your team and your profits.

The Benefits

In every way, time is your most valuable asset. Get it back and spend it where it’s needed most, with your clients. You benefit and your clients see results.

The Outcome

With your time maximized and your clients thrilled with your work, you’re in a position to grow … grow your client list and grow your numbers!

Coaching Packages Available

Ten, 1 hour sessions with 6 months of Accountability

Ten, 1 hour sessions with 3 months of Accountability

Eight, 1 hour sessions – Approximately 3 months.

Six, 1 hour sessions – Approximately 3 months

Four, 1 hour sessions – Approximately 1 month.

Priced according to your needs

Clients Say…

High Fives | About Sue

What would you say is Sue’s expertise?

“Analyzing an agent’s business/ routines and offering advice on how to improve in specific areas. Many of her strategies push individuals out of their comfort zone and often that’s exactly what we need!”

Chase Olsen

The Little Red Stick with ‘Bossy Pants’

“Sue has the ability to make you feel important and special. She is a natural educator and you feel like she truly cares about your success because she does.” – Tanya Eklund

For Solopreneurs with Administrative Assistants. Hire my services to take hold of your business, reign in what hasn’t been working and re-align your goals with your results. I will create content for you, help with customized solutions and continue to support your new habits for six months following our work together.

Ten, 1 hour sessions with 6 months of Accountability.

  • Detailed Assessment
  • Rate Score
  • Social Media Review
  • Business Plan
  • Foundation Review
  • Leads to Closings and Beyond
  • Growth Strategy Plan
  • Online Exposure
  • Referral execution
  • Includes “The Little Red Stick” Book
  • Exclusive Monthly Tips for the Maximized Results Email Members
Package Price


**Signature Package**

The Devil’s in the Details

“Most popular package for real estate agents across Canada!

You may have been in the business for a number of years but you got into bad habits- this is for you.

You may be new in the industry and are determined to fast-track your results- this is for you.

A Baker’s Dozen! 13 Sessions with accountability.

  • Initial Assessment
  • Rating Score
  • Online Review
  • Business Planning
  • Branding
  • Increase Lead Generation
  • Systems & processes
  • Epic Organization
  • Maximized Client Care
  • Execution – Phone scripts
  • Accountability
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Includes “The Little Red Stick” Book

This level can include the role of an administrative assistant or preparing to hire one as well as details in every area of your business.

Package Price


Turning Roadblocks into Stepping Stones

You love working with clients, but the organization has fallen by the wayside and you don’t have a strategy for your online marketing. Your past clients might be feeling like you dropped the ball in your post-communication.  You need to reign it in and take charge of your business by treating it more seriously! Tell me everything, I am here to help.

Eight, 1 hour sessions – Approximately 3 months.

  • Detailed Assessment
  • Online Review
  • We cover your brand, leads, transactions to closing
  • Customized Strategy and Implementation Sessions
  • Database / CRM
  • Accountability for Execution
  • Annual Marketing and social media
  • Includes “The Little Red Stick” Book
Package Price


Behind the Curtain

You keep hitting a wall but want to get your business steady with enough income.  Open up your office to me and let me see what is REALLY going on behind the curtain.  (I promise I won’t tell anyone! And I will help you get it to the level you desire.)

Six, 1 hour sessions – Approximately 3 months.

  • Assessment
  • We cover Leads to Closings
  • Customized Strategy and Implementation Sessions
  • Marketing
  • Database/ CRM
  • Accountability for Execution
  • Includes “The Little Red Stick” Book
Package Price


Just a Splash of Hot Sauce

“Sue thoroughly understands the Real Estate business, and she has me back on track after being in a bit of a rut for a while. ”
– Ted Greenhough

If you need a quick fix, or a kick in the pants, I can help with two or three of your key challenges!

Four, 1 hour sessions – Approximately 1 month.

  • Assessment
  • 3 Strategy Sessions
  • Accountability for Execution
Package Price


BONUS Coaching for Administrative Assistants

If you are an agent who needs to hire an assistant and train them to help you – this may feel overwhelming! I know, I have been there and hired many assistants for Realtors and I have also trained them in the excellence of organization and systems.

Invite me to help you hire, train and retain extraordinary support staff!

    Priced according to your needs


    a process that works

    Maximize your Results