I have discovered 5 Habits of Successful Solopreneurs and I wrote about them in my book called “The Little Red Stick – What Get’s Measured Get’s Done!”

Here is a sneak-peak at the 5 HABITS – see if you have them implemented!

  1. Take Care of Your Clients BEFORE They Are Clients:

Any business owner either discovers that one MUST build their network base or they soon fail in business. High level solopreneurs consistently add to their database, their sphere and have a plan for keeping in touch so when their services are needed they are top of mind.

  1. Build a Big Foundation:

If you want to build a high-rise you need an adequate foundation. In business this refers to your business plan, marketing plan, and social media plan. Ask yourself, what are you building on?

  1. Get a Vision to Scale or You Will Fail – and leave hard earned money on the table!

Do your homework early and find out what steps you will take when it is time to grow and leverage your abilities! If you don’t do it now, you may find that you are too busy and become overwhelmed once sales take off!

  1. The Best Tools Rule the School:

What are the tools you need in your industry? A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is one example of a tool that must be learned and used effectively to support the business. Other tools that help measure your success and key performance indicators (KPI’s) might be: White Boards, Synced Calendars, Processes and Checklists.

  1. Always Swing Through:

In golf, a professional doesn’t stop swinging once she’s connected with the ball! No they keeping swinging all the way around. In business, you shouldn’t stop making the effort once you have made the sale. Dropping the ball after the deal is one of the most common mistakes that solopreneurs make. You want to ensure that you are  keeping clients forever!


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