How to fight Artificial Intelligence with Common Sense!

“The end of real estate as we know it is on the foreseeable horizon! The traditional licensed real estate agent role will be extinct within 5 years! Zillow Group (created by former Microsoft executives) is coming north to swallow up your leads and take over the industry!”
The real estate agents are asking, “What is to become of our industry?”
I am here to speak to that and to the bully that comes in to steal your career.


I believe there are still a handful of good years that industry members can fight for! Fight with common sense and wisdom, use old fashioned business sense to combat faceless ads and technology. By combining sales expertise with online platforms, you can take the power back into your hands before Zillow or Amazon, or some other player gets greedy and wipes out the profession as we know it.
Every agent I have spoken to in the USA warns against letting them in -but here they come anyways and some are opening their doors willingly!
Online tech companies see a struggling industry, fearful agents who are short on time and like sheep to the slaughter, real estate agents looking for a quick fix or magic pill, think they can get miraculous leads from ‘Big Brother’.
I believe there is still time before the country succumbs to this new digital age and sales associates will  get all their leads from an online company and basically be paid a salary like an employee.

If you will take your business seriously, look your opponent squarely in the face and be bold with utmost dedication you will maintain your foothold. Learn about online marketing and social media, create a sensible marketing plan to develop supreme loyalty with your past clients and expose your unique brand by staying hyper-local and client focused!
Fill in any gaps that have been tripping you up and share your expertise with your fellow agents so that all can reap the rewards!
Online lead generators are going after the newbies and the 90% who have, perhaps, been too reactive with their lead generating, been a bit lazy with their efforts, not realizing their success might be cut short.
They know your pain. That you can’t get clients, that you don’t know how to manage the machine. But worst of all they think you will roll over and play nice- like a Canadian, eh?
I say stand up and fight. Take your success into your hands and become so well-regarded that your clients wouldn’t think of reaching out through an online ad.
Here are 5 simple keys that will help:

  • Build your brand!
  • Create your own personal online presence.
  • Educate your sphere so they will understand the difference between a quick fix evaluation and a researched personal assessment. Make sure they understand the difference between an online discount agent and fulltime, full value service.
  • Create some common-sense ads that would rival an artificial intelligence!
  • Make a plan to stay in touch – human touch!

Education and knowledge are valuable assets and you need your network to look to you for your guidance and intuition. I know if you just put a little more attention into your common-sense approach, you will see results.
Maybe we will be fighting a losing battle, but only time will tell. And I for one, am not willing to role over and let a foreign company own this industry.

Let me know what YOU think!

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