An Epic Client Event!

If you have ever thought of hosting a client event, take some tips from owner of Belmor Mortgage, Stella Tsang!

Last month my husband and I enjoyed an annual event hosted by our mortgage broker and her family. Over the years her reputable dinners have become very popular and if you are an agent or client you wait in expectation for the invite, hoping you make the list!

Every business owner can take away some tips from Stella; put these kinds of practices into place and your clients will remain loyal and be happy to give you their referrals.

  1. To open the event she allows time for her family – husband Fred, daughters and her parents too! When she starts with family she is showing everyone her most important ‘VALUE’ and most of us value family as number one.
  2. She gives credit to her partners – in lending and in business development – they are acknowledged and thanked.
  3. During the dinner, like a blushing bride at her wedding, Stella slowly walks through the room, stopping at each table and sharing conversations with her guests.
  4. Before the night is over you are reminded and convinced! Stella is not shy about helping you and your clients. She announces to her guests how she goes to bat for your clients, how she doesn’t stop when there is a roadblock in front of the conditions. She asks for your business and you can feel her passion in the ask.
  5. 10 courses of food for Chinese New Year – now that’s epic! Ask yourself what kind of event is congruent with your brand?

Next time you are planning a client event, take these pointers to heart and you will reap the same rewards as Stella Tsang of Belmor Mortgage.

If you need me, I am here to help!


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