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Building your business, when the business is YOU!

Offering the Best Business Education and Training for Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & CEO’s.

I help small business owners like you take command of wayward tasks and I hold them to a measuring stick as we execute a plan that is easily implemented.

I will set up your systems with you so that your lead generating attracts, customers and clients become loyal fans and your processes work for you! I can help you eliminate procrastination, master your marketing and build a business that builds your brand successfully.

Replace a reactive work style with a proactive style that keeps you in command and in control of your results:

  • Increased competence, confidence, and customers
  • A clear outline of the ideal customer journey
  • Sensible organization that is simple to implement and will support your growth
  • Create a purposeful plan for consistent communication – don’t risk dropping the ball

If you are not at the level you want or thought you would be at by now, I invite you to reach out to me.

What is your next right move??

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Read these Books

Mind Your Own Business! Podcast – Practical and proven tactics to build your business!

Online Business CourseThe Essential Foundational Course for Entrepreneurs!  
Eight modules that are simple and practical!

Finding Fabulous Clients & Frequent Referrals! – You are your most powerful lead generating machine, learn what to do to drive your business in this 4-Module online course.

“I met Sue by chance. I saw her car at many events and then soon followed her on Instagram. What I saw was this, a raw and real take on what exactly an agent needed to hear. Soon after, I booked coffee to go and meet Sue myself. We hit it off right away and dove into a conversation about what the heck I was doing there. It didn’t take long for Sue to show her value, explain her position and share her knowledge. She helped me navigate between joining a new brokerage and applying personal procedures to ensure that as I grew my career – it wouldn’t out grow me. Two thumbs up! Plus, she really knows how cut through the noise and help lift you up. Whether you are a new agent or old, go and see Sue.” 

Carlin Koster, Real Estate Agent

Courses for your Convenience

Mind Your Own Business!

For start-ups who want to fast-track their success even though they are on a tight budget!

 “None of this awareness would have been possible if you wouldn’t have come and talked to us, you asked the right questions and opened our mind to get us out of the chaos and mess of running a business!” – Luis & Daniella, Owners – Inflated Dreams

Ten weeks of training and hands on guidance for professionals who want to get set up for success!

  • Creation of your business plan and goals – know where you’re going and how you’ll get there!
  • Clarify your ideal clients — and create a plan to find them
  • Design of your marketing strategy – focus on the brand message that will yield the best results for you
  • Set up your processes and systems so that you can stay organized as you grow
  • Client Relationship Management [CRM]

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Clients Say…

High Fives | About Sue

“Lush Interiors consulted with Sue on hiring a new office manager for our busy interior design firm. Sue is so good at what she does, professional and very responsive. Her follow up was exceptional and we would highly recommend her. She is a dynamic speaker, an engaging mentor and definitely worth the investment! Thanks for all your help Sue!”
Charlene Threatful

“Sue has the ability to make you feel important and special. She is a natural educator and you feel like she truly cares about your success because she does.” 

Tanya Eklund Re/Max Central