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What Is Best Time Management Skill For Solopreneurs

You, me, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, President Donald Trump, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and every solopreneur are all equal in one respect: we all get 24 hours in a day and 168 hours…

How to expose yourself online – appropriately!

There’s a party going on online and everyone is invited! But, just how are you supposed to show up and once you are there, what are the best things to do? Here are some ideas you can

Overcoming the challenge of change

If there is one thing that is true, it’s that things change. The market goes up and down, government starts out great then crumbles, children develop their own minds and take over…

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Local Coaching Helping Realtors Take Their Game To The Next Level

Whether it’s sports or business, high-performing individuals these days are upping their game with the aid of coaches who are helping them hone their skills….


Is Becoming An Entrepreneur Right for You?

Is Becoming An Entrepreneur Right for You?

Is becoming an Entrepreneur right for you? If you have ever been employed, the fantasy of shouting, “Take this job and shove it!” at your boss has surely entered your mind at one time or another. But at this moment in Alberta history, if you still have a job you are...

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The Best Habits of Consistent High Achievers

The Best Habits of Consistent High Achievers

If you are a solopreneur - when the business is YOU- you might wonder what others are doing to increase their success! When you are a solo owner, there are no water cooler chats, no board meetings bringing the team up to speed, there is no H.R. hiring staff to help...

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Succeeding Through the Hard Times

Succeeding Through the Hard Times

When chaos or crisis forces you to pivot! It could be the COVID challenging your life, but it might have been a divorce, an unexpected or unwelcome lay-off, health issues in your family, maybe your student apprenticeship has been halted or maybe your college or...

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Great ideas, tips, and methods delivered directly to your inbox.

BOOKS by Sue

The Little Red Stick:
What Gets Measured Gets Done

– paperback

“Your daily habits determine your yearly results”, so getting those daily habits and practices right is key to growing your business past any ceiling cap. In this book the five best practices are revealed in detail; enough detail and description for anyone to easily follow the steps to mastery. Whether you are a solo agent or working at building a team, the simple concepts in this book will enlighten you, bring clarity and focus to your business and ultimate success to your career as a solopreneur!

Be Extraordinary: Right Where You Are!

– paperback & Kindle

YOU are important and deserve to enjoy your life! I promise that within the pages of this book, you will learn how to uncover the keys to bringing your gifts and talents to the workplace and how to truly enjoy your work and your life!

Clients Say…

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“I met Sue by chance. I saw her car at many real estate events and then soon followed her on Instagram. What I saw was this, a raw and real take on what exactly an agent needed to hear. Soon after, I booked coffee to go and meet Sue myself. We hit it off right away and dove into a conversation about what the heck I was doing there. It didn’t take long for Sue to show her value, explain her position and share her knowledge. She helped me navigate between joining a new brokerage and applying personal procedures to ensure that as I grew my career – it wouldn’t out grow me. Two thumbs up! Plus, she really knows how cut through the noise and help lift you up. Whether you are a new agent or old, go and see Sue.”

Carlin Koster

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