6 Simple Ways to Get Quality Leads: Advice From a Top Agent

Maybe you’re just starting to build your real estate business. Or you’re riding out a downturn in the market.

In my years as a coach I’ve worked with sales agents and brokers at all stages of their career. And one question always comes up…

what sets the top performers apart from the rest of the pack?

The answer? Quality leads.

Great, so how do you get them?

I interviewed one of Nevada’s top-performers, Azim Jessa. He’s been a powerhouse – alongside his team –  in the tumultuous Las Vegas market through thick and thin. 

He shared six great strategies for cultivating productive and profitable, quality leads, and some of his tips might surprise you with their simplicity.

Before getting down to the tips, Azim made it clear that his team never buys leads. His business philosophy pivots on personal relationships and a presence in the community. 

He believes – and his success bears this out – that leads fostered through handshakes are more lasting and meaningful, personally and professionally, for both parties.

He would know. He rode out the 2007-2009 crash. He’s not only still standing…he’s standing tall.

So, here are Azim’s 6 tips to get quality leads and building a successful business:

1. Share your love of your location. 

Azim’s enthusiasm for Las Vegas was contagious. I love my work as a coach and motivational speaker and I’m not in a rush to move on, but honestly, he got ME so excited about Vegas I am going to be calling him up to send us some properties. Because of his enthusiasm Vegas is now included in my options for retirement! lol

He’s found selling features unique to his locale and he can sell them with genuine enthusiasm. What sets your homebase apart from the rest?

2. Build on your talents…AND your team members’ talents. 

Everyone brings something special to the table. Learn to work with your strengths and give everyone a seat at that table. 

Keep in mind: this tip only works if you spend time thinking about your brand, your vision and your mission statement. Clarify your strengths, then figure out how to share them with your team.

3. Become “The One”. 

You want to be that go-to person when someone needs to buy or sell their home – you want to be top of mind. It helps if you’re visible in the community (I cover this in my coaching program.) 

For Azim, his wife and their team this means taking part in church, school and social events that not only enrich their business network, they bring great personal rewards, too. 

Get out into your community and find places where you can share your strengths.

4. Earn between transactions. 

You’ve helped a client buy or sell a property. Chances are their next purchase or sale won’t be tomorrow, next month or even next year. 

So, how do you keep traction now that you’ve earned their trust and sealed the deal? You make a point of reminding your client that you provided a valuable service and you’d appreciate an introduction to a friend or colleague who might be ready to buy or sell a home or commercial property…

It helps if you provide some little “perk”. For example, send them a batch of brownies – “brownie points” – for giving you referrals. 

You’ll also want to keep in contact so they know they’re important to you long after the sale is complete. Which leads us to the next tip…

5. Use your CRM to the max. 

There are many options for Client Relationship Management software. It’s great to have…and vital to maintain. Make sure you’re making the most of your CRM. 

Everyone at the Jessa Group makes a point of following up on each and every lead. And they don’t subscribe to a “drip campaign” mentality – constant e-blasts with generic information. Instead, they customize their emails so they hone in on specific trends and needs in their market.

These tools work for prospecting and for following up after the sale or purchase is complete.

6. Marketing that makes your client the HERO. 

Buying or selling a home is a very personal experience. For you it’s a transaction. For you client it’s a life-changing decision. Check your ego at the door when helping someone make a change of address. Make the sale about your client, not you!

Is your client involved with a charity? Share the news! Find out what’s important to your client and their circle of friends and colleagues. They’ll appreciate the interest – and you might learn about a project you can sink your teeth into down the road. As Azim pointed out, building a relationship in your community is a win-win.

BONUS TIPS – Referrals are great. What about new clients?

With over a decade in the business, Azim, Sara and their team have built a solid network of referrals and enjoy great relationships with their clients. Now they’re happy to mentor new real estate agents and brokers, sharing the tools they’ve honed building their business.

So here’s some bonus advice:

  • Ask a busy agent for new leads to off-load. They’re swamped but don’t want to lose the quality leads. You want the exposure. You both get paid if you close the deal. Win-win!
  • Schedule Open Houses and get to know the people in your community who are looking at houses. Make sure to ask for advice from the experienced agents when it comes to making a great impression during an Open House. I share a checklist for this in my coaching program
  • Target your communities, but make sure you also get to know the others. Take some time to read an old but timeless books written by Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People – it’s an amazing How-To for relationship building that Azim has respected over the years. 
  • Finally, don’t forget: building a successful real estate business isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You’re in it for the long-run. Be prepared to put in the effort.

My coaching clients hear me say this all the time: your daily habits will determine yearly results.

You can’t control the boom and bust nature of the real estate market, but you can control the impact those changes have on your business.

Share your enthusiasm, open yourself up to your community, take action when you have good leads and keep your focus on your client’s priorities. You’ll find yourself invested in your market – and your market will invest in you.

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