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The Cigar Tale

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My husband enjoys a cigar once in a while.

Sitting at the beach on vacation, relaxing to the sounds of Latin music, a rum and cola in hand and a cigar perched on a special ashtray, yes, this is ideal 😊

We don’t always get to run away for bliss on a sunny seashore, but the enjoyment of a hand-rolled cigar takes him back to the blissful experiences.

One of his favorite cigars is made by Drew Estate, they are one of the premier cigar manufacturers with two frat-brother owners from New York who started their company in Nicaragua in 1996.

One day, my husband was enjoying a cigar on our back patio and I joined him with a glass of red wine. We sat outside in the evening air and I asked him “What cigar are you having tonight?”

He told me an interesting story that I think is worth sharing.

You see, there are a LOT of taxes and rules about making and marketing cigars. The Tabacco industry is a challenging one!

My husband loved this cigar called the Larutan – but that wasn’t its original name, he told me.

When first created, Drew Estate called this special blend the ‘Natural’ and it became very popular. But with the rules and legislation, they anticipated a red-tape issue and to solve their possible dilemma they had to do some out-of-the-box brainstorming.

With the US Food and Drug Administration keeping a tight eye on certain words like ‘natural’ they were concerned that the hammer would come down on this cigar. I can imagine their frustration at not being able to name their own cigar what they wanted – not to mention the PR that had already brought in so many customers and fans, but they decided to be proactive and they came up with an idea.

What if they did it backwards? They spelled natural backward and it seemed to work! L-A-R-U-T-A-N

Not only did the customers adopt the new name but the story makes it even more appealing! A true marketing overcomer.

My take-away from this cigar is a lesson about not giving up, not giving in and trying UNTIL you find a way. There are so many possibilities to make your dreams come true, even if you have to resort to spelling your product’s name backward to avoid the red-tape!

Kudos to Drew Estate and bravo to you for being tenacious in your endeavors.



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