4 Simple Steps to Break out of a Slump and get the Sale

In a sales slump?

Maybe you’ve been there for a while?

The life of a real estate agent – a “solopreneur” – can be tough, but there’s good news.

It doesn’t take much to turn your attitude around and turn your slump into sales. 

You’ve had that experience before – get a new listing and suddenly everything seems brighter and more good results start to come in.

Easier said than done? Think again. 

I have used these simple 4 steps to pull me out of a sales slump more times than I can count (I will often deal with this head on in my keynotes.) And it’s always worked—certainly better than staying stuck and feeling sorry for myself.

  1. Visualize: This might sound too simple, but it works. Start your day by visualizing yourself writing up a sale or purchase contract for a new client. Once you set that mental map, your subconscious will go to work to make it happen.
  2. See the outcome: Athletes, public speakers – even surgeons – visualize a successful outcome before leaping into their work. We think in pictures and when you replace a negative image with a positive one your mind has no choice but to make it come true. It only takes a moment – even in your car before you step out for the showing – to picture your new client writing an offer.
  3. Create the reminders: Tiny distractions will pull you off your bigger game. I have a habit of creating a small, visual reminder like “ONE NEW DEAL DONE!”, you can stick it on your phone, your wall or whiteboard – anywhere you will see it often.
  4. Get on the phone: The final step is to take immediate and bold action. Calling two new leads before lunchtime is much better than making another list. Following up gets the momentum started, the wheels are turning, you are in action. And a person in action is hard to knock down.

One of my coaching clients tried this experiment. She’d had a strong year – we’d worked on some systems in the past – and I knew she had lots of great prospects, she just wasn’t getting anyone to sign on the dotted line. She committed to this four-step strategy…she had nothing to lose and a sale to gain.

Every day she practiced these four steps.

By Day 7 she had clients interested in writing an offer to purchase.

On Day 8 she started negotiating the purchase of their new house. She was in direct competition with another real estate agent.

Day 9 brought great news! The competing buyers didn’t want to get into a bidding war.

On Day 10 she helped her buyers nudge a bit in the negotiations and the final price was set – deal done!

If you know you are prone to slipping off your motivation and sliding into despair, you need a Plan B, a backup plan – a fall back that you have practiced and you know will always pull you through.

You are a professional and, just like a high performing athlete, you need to have a plan, execute on that plan and then adjust before attacking again. I’ve given you the plan – why not try these simple steps for yourself?

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