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From a bankrupt, single parent of four little ones to Founder and CEO of her own business school, Sue has become the go-to small business expert who challenges the status quo and sets businesses up for success!

It’s not enough to just cross your fingers and expect to stumble your way through a new venture and make a viable living from it.

Yet everyday, more business owners step out in faith and fall on their face when they discover that their credentials don’t carry them through the business practices they need to have in place.

It’s not your fault!

I have witnessed many who get a ‘license to practice’ but were not taught well enough the real nitty gritty behind the curtain of fame and fortune.

I am here to change that and teach you what millionaire CEO’s have learned about the habits that drive success and profit.”

Sue has put in the time so that others don’t have to rely on the school of hard knocks to get their education. She went from teaching at the local library to speaking on conference stages across Canada and the USA.

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Sue’s rise from an administrative assistant to a sought-after business trainer has led her to work with real estate board presidents, the #1 RE/MAX office in the world (yes, the WORLD!), and independent business owners just like you, She has a wealth of experience and wisdom to guide solopreneurs to reach the goals, success and impact that they desire.

“I get into your business and make sure you get what you need out of it!”


‘Everyone who is a master, was once a disaster’.

Sue Styles speaks to this very fact and helps transform businesses and lives by sharing her own wisdom as well as technical skills.

She has been interviewed for FORBES Magazine, is the host of reality show “Like a Boss! When the Business is you!”  has her own podcast series, is the author of two business books and owner of a business training school as well as instructor for the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT’s School of Business and Leadership).

A business trainer  in the real estate industry for nearly two decades, Sue is an expert at high level systems, organic lead generation, business practices and her insights expose what is missing in most small businesses.

She knows how to create something out of nothing and has tapped into the tenacious ability for resilience any entrepreneur needs if they are determined to reach their goals – and she clearly shows others how they can turn their stumbling blocks into stepping-stones.


” I’m not bossy, I just know what you should be doing! “

The Little Red Stick: What Gets Measured Gets Done

“Your daily habits determine your yearly results”

Getting those daily habits and practices right is key to growing your business past any ceiling cap. In this book the five best practices are revealed in detail; enough detail and description for anyone to easily follow the steps to mastery. Whether you are a solo business owner or working at building a team, the simple concepts in this book will enlighten you, bring clarity and focus to your business and ultimate success to your career as a solopreneur!

Available in paperback.

Be Extraordinary: Right Where you Are!


YOU are important and deserve to enjoy your life! I promise that within the pages of this book, you will learn how to uncover the keys to bringing your gifts and talents to the workplace and how to truly enjoy your work and your life!

Available in paperback or Kindle.

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“Sue Styles has a unique understanding of the tension between having systems that maximize results and the passion a solopreneur has for their vision. Most visionary’s don’t have a clue about the systems it takes to grow their business, and I for one don’t enjoy that part. However, Sue serves her clients well by making it simple and clear, and will help you set it up tailored to your industry. I highly recommend engaging with Sue!”

Mark Gordon, Relationship Matters

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“I help Solopreneurs achieve better results by using proper systems, clarifying goals and designing a plan to execute!” -Sue Styles