Who is effective, charismatic, up on cutting edge technology and experienced enough to help negotiate the best outcome for your family? Well, I have had the pleasure of consulting for many amazing agents this year and thought I would openly share a few of the best names in the business!

Amy Regamble is with The Tanya Eklund Group, RE/MAX Real Estate Central

These ladies are powerhouses who know how to listen and negotiate! This team understands the science behind a good business. For example, I referred a friend to Amy last week and I was delivered a beautiful bottle of wine and thank you card – even before a deal was made! The care for their clients is so heartfelt that you can’t resist being loyal! They are on the ball!


Colleen and Corinne Real Estate Team [Bless this House] , Maxwell South Star Realty

Bless this team! 😊 This mother and daughter team will take you in to their family and take care of you! They understand their values and mission in this world to make the lives of their clients better by making sure they have a home they love!


Carlin Koster , Redline Real Estate

A true ‘Bespoke’ agent, Carlin pays attention to what his clients are saying and responds with his irresistible charm and award-winning experience. He has risen up the ranks in his brokerage very quickly specializing with first time home buyers who really need a hand in the process!


David Pellettier , RE/MAX  Real Estate Central

Solid business acumen and a carefully considered marketing strategy, David has really carved out a niche on the Westside of Calgary. He is an expert in the market and has maturity on his side. He takes his business seriously and he will take you seriously! Love his efficiency.


Chase Olsen [Chasing Homes], RE/MAX First

Chase has his hand on the pulse of what is up and coming in Calgary! He’s lucky to have just had his quick-witted fiancé {Ashley Cole} join him in his business and together they have become experts in Mahogany and the surrounding SE communities. They have been scaling upward for the past three years – even in this downturn! They are a well-balanced team with great personality and insights into the real estate market.


BONUS* Shout out to these Awesome Mortgage Brokers!

Elevation Mortgage

Julie & Andy Jeffery – my own brother in law was working with 2 different mortgage brokers over the past year, looking to buy something and when I suggested that he talk to Andy he was hesitant as he didn’t look forward to re-organizing all the paperwork! But after their first conversation he had such a different experience, he told me,

“Wow! Now that is the kind of service I SHOULD have had before!”

Don’t give up on finding a great service provider just because you have to re-submit a bit of paperwork, it might be worth it in the end when you find a great team that really takes you under their wing and helps make your dreams come true!



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